Got a little one on the way? Just brought one home? Congratulations! As you know, you’ve now entered the wild and wondrous world of parenting, complete with all the issues, products and services you never had to think about before. But you couldn’t live in a better place, because this city is filled with people who want to make your life a little easier, from connecting with other new parents to finding baby gear for less, enjoying a pregnancy-friendly mani/pedi and much more. Click through for the latest and greatest birth-day resources!

Giggle: Stuff You Need and Stuff You’ll Want

Baby and kid shop Giggle is full of goods that range from ultra-practical to just super cute and drool-worthy. New arrivals in the former category include the "I wish they had that when I had a newborn" product, the DockATot ($165-$185), which serves as a safe spot to park the babe for a change, tummytime and more, and facilitates safe co-sleeping. In the latter, the most beautiful humidifier we've ever seen, the Objecto W4 Hybrid Humidifier (169.99), which will fit in nicely with your MCM teak aesthetic. It features an anti-bacterial water tank, quiet operation, an aromatherapy function and a matching stylish remote. (Psst: it's acrylic!)

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photo: Giggle



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— Mimi O’Connor