Spring cleaning isn’t just for the toy closet! Turns out some of the the city’s parks and playgrounds look a little different this time of year and it isn’t just because the trees are in bloom. With new structures, pathways and a focus on accessibility, the parks department has been busy giving a facelift to some of the city’s outdoor green spaces. Click through to see your tax dollars (and the dollars of some generous donors) at work — then get out and play!

Joseph Devoy Playground, Queens

After a full demolition this winter, there's a new treehouse-themed structure at Joseph Devoy Playground, featuring timber-look climbing frames, walkways, swings and slides. The goal of the renovation was to open up the site and make it more accessible, but the result is much more than that . The playground boasts a clean new look, panel games like giant a Connect Four, color wheels, steel drums, baby slides as well as a spiral one for toddlers and lots of bench seating.

Visit: Forest Park, Union Turnpike and 71st Avenue

photo: NYC Parks


Is there a park near you that needs a facelift? ? Let us know in the comments below!

— Emily Myers