You can get everything delivered in New York City – from a few ounces of food to many pounds of furniture Why not get your children’s classes delivered, too? Rather than merely settling for what’s available, NYC parents can specify the day, time, location and frequency of a class, whether it’s pure recreation, song and dance, or serious mental stimulation. Click through to see our picks for stay-at-home fun!

For Bonding with Baby: Baby in Tune

Once known as Vered, this music class that focuses equally on children and caregivers is now called Baby in Tune. Each at-home workshop is a combination of music therapy and psychology. Caregivers learn how to soothe their charges through music in order to encourage attunement and create consistency. A large focus of the workshops is helping the caregiver find his or her own voice and gain musical confidence, as well as to feel more understood in their experiences through song and discussion. Groups are either all parents or all nannies/caregivers, so that the discussion will be as beneficial, open, and safe as possible for every group member.

Ages: 0 to 2.5 years


photo: Baby in Tune


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— Alina Adams