Is your child is more likely to cite Neil Degrasse Tyson as a hero rather than Batman or Superman? Does he love the Magic School Bus books or prefer Sid the Science Kid during her screen time? Do you have a board on Pinterest dedicated to at home science projects, causing you to run out of things like food coloring way too often? If you answered yes to two or more of these, then you should throw your little one a science-themed birthday party on his or her big day. Luckily, there are tons of options for you to create a hands-on, educational party that your child will love. Start with NYC’s top science-themed birthday party resources.

Choose Your Own Science Theme

Why it’s a Great Experiment: Kids will complete three projects during the party which vary from demonstrations of molecular compounds such as making goo, to learning about volcanoes and erupting their own. In the Molecular Spectacular Liquid Nitrogen Show, kids make liquid nitrogen ice cream as part of the demo. Plus, Sarah will bring a few of her animals on request.

The Scientific Method: Parties last one and a half hours, including one science teacher and all materials. Science Teacher Sarah’s parties are for kids aged 4 to 9. You can use Sarah’s classroom for an additional fee or Sarah will travel to your space for reimbursements of travel expenses. You can also choose to add an assistant for any package for a fee. Sara takes theme requests such as human body, Titanic, if Barbie was a scientist, dinosaurs and more.

Cost: Packages range from $300 to $1,200.

Science Teacher Sarah112 W 14th St., Suite 3W, 646-374-1721, West Village

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Rain0975 

Have you ever thrown your kid a science-themed birthday party? Brag about it in a comment below.

–Christine Gibson