A year in, the much anticipated Golconda Skatepark is proving to be a go-to destination for Brooklyn skaters. Before the renovation, the park had hardly any gradient and a few raised edges, giving it the moniker, “the fat kid spot”. Now, the redesigned space is as good for beginners as pros. It has plenty of transitions – curves and ramps – and a good amount of street obstacles for more experienced skaters.

Space, Shade and Variety
The park sprawls under the BQE overpass between Gold and Navy Streets. It’s generally not super crowded and the bridge above gives it some shade or rain cover depending on the season. These two factors alone make it a popular field trip destination for local skateboard camps but more importantly, there’s something for everyone with terrain that works for all skating abilities.

Good Vibes
Some skateparks can feel intimidating for little ones who are getting the feel for the sport but this one backs onto the playground and feels like an extension of it – in a good way. There’s seating along the fence bordering the playground and the skatepark is fenced in, helpful for parents and caregivers watching more than one child.

Well Maintained
The park is swept regularly and while some stubborn pigeons still hang out in the rafters in spite of the anti-bird spikes, the terrain is pretty clean. The skatepark overhaul also included refurbished handball and basketball courts. With plenty of banks, bowls, ledges, stairways and open space, Golconda serves as a training ground for skaters who no longer have to head to Manhattan or Greenpoint to carve some tricks.

Getting There
Take the F train to York Street and the park is a short walk away. The spot is served by local buses and there’s street parking nearby.

Golconda Skatepark
Gold St. between Nassau St. and Concord St.
Online: nycgovparks.org

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-Emily Myers