It has been a vicious winter, but rumor has it warmer weather is on the way. What better way to experience the first real days of spring than to check out some outdoor art installations? Throughout Manhattan, you’ll find fun public art that everyone in the fam will love, from cartoon clouds to mammoth horse heads to supersized flowers.


The Art: Standing on the southeastern corner of Central Park, Olaf Breuning’s Clouds are six blue-hued, cut-out cloud shapes, perched atop 35-foot-high steel supports. Imagine how cool this will look after the real trees' leaves sprout.

Fun for Kids: Kids will dig the cartoon-looking clouds, which look like more like a set design in a school play production than anything we’d see in the sky. And, as the artist said in one interview, “Who doesn’t like clouds?”

See It: Doris C. Freedman Plaza in Central Park, corner of 60th St. and Fifth Ave., Upper East Side. Now to Aug. 24, 2014.

Have you spotted any cool outdoor art with your kids?

-Alice Perry

All images courtesy of Alice Perry