The Upper East Side has a brand new 24-hour cupcake dispensing machine. You’ll find the pink Cupcake ATM outside Manhattan’s only Sprinkles Cupcakes location. Keep reading to find out this sweet new technology is a smart solution for moms and moms-to-be.


Show Me the Cupcakes!

ATM’s used to only dispense cash, but now they spit out everything from DVDs and video games to electronics and finally, cupcakes. Sprinkles Cupcakes is treating New Yorkers to easy cupcake access through their 24-hour Cupcake ATM.

Using this ATM is simple. Swipe your credit card (cupcakes are $4.25 each), pick your treat, and a robotic arm will carefully select your dessert keeping it upright with frosting in tact. A little door will open and like magic, you have a cupcake!

The machine can hold up to 760 cupcakes at a time and is stocked with new deliciously fresh merchandise every few hours thanks to the adjacent bakery. It will dispense up to four cupcakes at once and in the future, i’ll be stocked with cookies too.

Since Sprinkles Cupcakes has already launched Cupcake ATMs in Beverly Hills, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas and Las Vegas, you can bet any kinks in this novel technology have already been worked out.


Why Shop the ATM Instead of the Store?

If you’re pushing your kid in a stroller (or worse yet kids in a double stroller) it’s not always easy to navigate the city’s small cupcake shops and their typically long lines. We can’t promise you won’t encounter lines at the ATM, but you’ll be on the sidewalk so rolling up with a stroller shouldn’t be a problem. Plus, there’s a good chance your kid will be wowed by a cupcake coming out of a machine.

Also, Sprinkles Cupcakes storefront closes down at 9 p.m. most nights, but the Cupcake ATM keeps on dispensing treats all night long. While we don’t recommended running to the ATM when your kid has a 2 a.m. cupcake demand, any moms-to-be have our blessing to visit this little pink machine any time a craving hits. In fact, Sprinkles founder Candace Nelson dreamed up the idea of an automatic cupcake machine after dealing with late-night sugar cravings during her second pregnancy.


The Details

Spinkles Cupcakes Cupcake ATM

780 Lexington Ave., Upper East Side

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

What’s your favorite place to buy a cupcake in NYC?

–Julie Seguss