Steve & Kate’s Camp

Steve & Kate’s Camp was founded on the belief that when you trust kids, they learn to trust themselves, and develop a creative confidence that will help them unleash their true potential. So for 40 years, we’ve been offering summer day camps where kids choose their own adventure through a range of activities, including film, fashion, stop-motion animation, coding, music, dance, sports, and the occasional pie-throwing.

Coronavirus Changes

Registration will be in weekly blocks, instead of by the day. It’s the first time in 40 years that we won’t be able to allow campers to do daily drop-in. Once you register, we’ll reach out to let you sign up for what weeks you want to attend and provide group requests for your child’s friends.


Hot from ovens and into sealed boxes, we can get this item into kids’ hands without worry. We will also offer an array of snacks for kids to nosh on throughout the day.

All of our camp locations will open late July and run mid to late August, depending on your camp location. Check out our fees page to see the prices for our Day Passes.


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