Ah, Thanksgiving. Some years you want to do the whole thing yourself, from the shopping to the peeling to the brining…and some years you just. don’t. Whether you want a little help getting the best ingredients and recipes guaranteed to work, or you really want to phone it in (i.e. let someone else do all the cooking and the clean up) this is a judgement free-zone, and we’ve got suggestions! Click through to see our ideas on how to make this turkey day a little easier — and enjoyable! — for the whole family.

For an Iconic Thanksgiving Splurge: The Rainbow Room

Feast at the Top of the Rock in the Rainbow Room's art deco splendor this Thanksgiving. The spread will include innovative takes on holiday classics like free range roasted and smoked turkey, potato gratin with parmesan and rosemary and sweet potatoes with maple syrup and five spice, as well as international cuisine such as sushi and dim sum. Plus, breads made in house and a raw bar, and desserts like tart tatin and honey roasted peanut crunch ice cream sundaes. Call 212-632-5000 for reservations.

Rainbow Room Thanksgiving Brunch
Tickets: $175/adults; $65/kids; free/kids 3 and under
Noon-6 p.m.
30 Rockefeller Plaza
Online: http://www.rainbowroom.com/

photo: Rainbow Room/Bill Milne

How are you getting help with Thanksgiving this year? Tell us in the comments below!

—Mimi O’Connor