New York City is home to multiple pediatric sensory gyms, facilities where children with a range of developmental delays can receive therapy to help address those issues. One of them, Theraplay NYC has been operating on the Upper East Side for 10 years, and now the business is expanding to another area attracting more and more young families by the minute: Long Island City, Queens. Read on for what the new location is offering clients and area residents alike!

photo: Theraplay NYC

Same space, new name:
Theraplay NYC’s new facility wasn’t built from the ground up; another sensory gym, Sensory City, previously occupied the space 1,200-square-foot facility with 25-foot ceilings.

Owner Kimberly Mitchell is a former dancer who transitioned into physical therapy work and previously worked in the brain injury department at Bellevue Hospital before opening Theraplay NYC’s first location. A dedication to offering a therapy space that isn’t overcrowded combined with the desire to serve families outside of Manhattan lead to the establishment of Theraplay’s Long Island City outpost in July.

Familiar & fresh offerings
Neighborhood families will be happy to learn that Theraplay NYC is continuing to hold the open play sessions previously offered at Sensory City. Held Monday through Friday from 9:30 to 11:30, the open play periods let kids ages five and under make use of Theraplay NYC’s rock-climbing wall, ladders, zipline, monkey bars, giant castle and slide, as well as other sensory toys and games. The cost is $15, payable by cash or check.

photo: Theraplay NYC

Expanded therapy options

Theraplay NYC’s menu of services includes, and expands upon services provided by Sensory City. The gym offers physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, as well as sessions for developing social skills and handwriting. The majority of the gym’s client’s are three to five years old, although kids as young as one year old, and as old as eight have received services. All therapy is one-on-one, with therapists possessing pediatric experience and incorporating socialization in each session. Theraplay NYC take insurance and also provides services in partnership with the New York City Department of Education.

Group classes
In addition individual therapy, Theraplay NYC offers drop-off, group classes open to anyone. Examples include Fine Motor Success (ages four and up) addressing grasp, hand strength, coordination, cutting skills, and age-appropriate writing skills; Wiggle, Talk & Giggle! A Social Skills and Sensory Group (ages three and up), and Play, Learn, and Get Set for Preschool! for kids two and three years old. (Check Theraplay NYC’s web site for fall schedule, posting in September.)

Theraplay NYC
11-11 44th Rd., Suite 402
Long Island City, Ny

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— Mimi O’Connor