photo: Instacart

Whether it’s the street that gives out full-sized candy bars, or the neighborhood that goes all out when it comes to decorations, everyone knows there are some places that are better than others to fill up those jack o’ lantern buckets on Halloween. A new report looked at cities across the US to find out exactly where the best trick-or-treating happens and here are the results.

Grocery delivery service, Instacart, recently conducted some research based on collected data and news reports to determine the best and worst cities for trick-or-treating. Their research is based on the idea that not all candy is created equal and certain types are better than others. They compiled a list of what they believe are the best and worst candies. Using those lists they combed through nearly one million customer orders across the country from 2016 to determine which cities “had a higher frequency of ordering the candies on our hit list to pass out to trick-or-treaters on All Hallows’ Eve.”

So what exactly does Instacart think are the best and worst candies? Check out the chart below to see the top and bottom ten choices:

Using this ranking, these are the top five best cities for trick-or-treating and the number one candy given out:

1. Chicago, IL – Snickers
2. Washington, D.C. – Twix
3. Indianapolis, IN – Reeses’ Peanut Butter Cups
4. Seattle, WA – Twizzlers
5. Los Angeles, CA – Sour Patch Kids

Do you agree with the best and worst candies list? What’s your family’s favorite Halloween treat? Tell us in the comments below.