Check-in: How is homeschool going? If you’re struggling to juggle everyone’s Zoom calls or just miss the everyday structure of school, a learning pod could be just what you and your family need to get some normalcy (not to mention your sanity) back. 

Wondering how to put together a pod? We found a local company that does the work for you! Read on to learn more about what makes Scout next level and how they can help create a custom learning pod that will make this school year the best yet!

Learn more about Scout and book a free consultation with one of their pod coordinators today!  

The Remote Learning Help You Need

Scout helps families navigate a remote or hybrid school year by making it easy to create a local learning pod. Schools (and parents!) are not necessarily equipped to offer a quality remote learning experience. A learning pod facilitator supports students, making sure they attend their online classes and grasp class material so they can dominate classwork, homework and beyond!

Who can benefit from a learning pod? Any school-aged kid! Remote schooling is even more difficult for elementary and middle school students, who are in the most critical years of their education. A learning pod can offer the opportunity to get ahead academically and help kids develop socially during this crucial period. 

With the NYC Department of Education giving families one opportunity to decide on in-person or virtual learning for the year, now is the perfect time to look into learning pods! Scout is even offering families their first week in a learning pod free if they sign up before the decision window for in-person or virtual learning closes on November 15th. 

Bring on the Dream Team

Scout provides the structure for learning pods to thrive by matching families with their network of high-achieving learning facilitators. Their learning facilitators are comprised of recent alumni of top universities like Columbia and Princeton along with veteran educators. They have been vetted, interviewed and trained to support students through their remote schooling. You can create your own group for your pod or Scout can help you create a pod by putting you in touch with families that have similar learning goals.

Together with families, facilitators cultivate a safe environment where kids can learn, socialize with their peers and give parents peace of mind (and a much-needed break) during the workday. Once your family is matched with a pod facilitator, you can rely on them to keep your child on track with their studies while also helping them grow socio-emotionally. Some learning facilitators even offer extracurricular activities!

Affordable + Flexible = YES

Families are matched according to their specific needs, which means more flexible and competitive pricing—as low as $12 an hour per family! Scout also offers flexible payment options. 

Not only is Scout more affordable than many alternatives, it’s also flexible to fit your family’s schedule. Choose to meet daily or three times per week, either throughout the full school day or after school only. Another benefit we love is the ability to host your pod wherever your group feels best; whether it’s at home, outdoors, or a commercial space.


Learn more about Scout and book a free consultation with one of their pod coordinators today!  


—Jamie Aderski