Want to keep the kids busy in the afternoons once they go back to school? We panned the after school rivers to find you NYC’s golden options, where kids will learn skills beyond reading, writing and arithmetic – think skateboarding, computer programming or nature exploration – and have a lot of fun all at the same time. Not to mention, after school programs improve students self-esteem, leadership skills and even test scores. Here are nine of the best to sign up for before classes start.

Photo courtesy of Dakota Ray Photography

The New Gymnastics

A combination of dance, tumbling and boot camp with some acrobatics thrown in, Streb Kid Action was conceived for kids who "continually test the limits of their physical space." The high energy classes include enthusiastic support from cheering teachers (professional Streb dancers) and fellow students. With all that positive reinforcement, kids are guaranteed to thrive.

What: Streb Kid Action

Where: Streb, 51 North 1st St., Williamsburg

When: Sept. 22-Feb. 7, days and times vary based on age group

Ages: 5-12

Cost: $355 for 16 sessions

Have you enrolled your kid in an after school class for fall? Tell us all about it.

–Anna Knoebel