Everybody knows to look for kiddie shows at children’s theaters, libraries, play-spaces, family restaurants, museums, parks and playgrounds. But if you do some digging you’ll find more outlandish locations to catch child-friendly acts, too. If you’re a parent who loves being the first to know what’s hot, go see a kid’s show at one of these hidden gems in Brooklyn and Manhattan, not just for the cool factor, but also for the bragging rights! After all, you found them first.

Shapeshifter Lab

A 4,200 square foot performance space in Park Slope that offers live, nightly performances ranging from Arabic Jazz to The Electric Miles Project to dream-inspired songs and stories, Shapeshifter is angling to be the hippest spot in town. And that includes the youngest hipsters, too. While evenings are dedicated to adult fare, including new artist showcases and vets' recording sessions, Sunday mornings once a month are turned over to Hip Tot Music Fest. Same space, different scene, as Shapeshifter Lab, shape-shifts into a space where kids can have a turn groovin' to the music for their generation.

See a Show: Audra Rox on Feb. 9, The Trummytones on Mar. 9, and Astrograss + Lil Miss Ann on Apr. 13, 2014.

GoShapeshifter Lab
18 Whitwell Place (Between 1st and Carroll St., off 4th Ave.)
Park Slope, Brooklyn

Image by Fortuna Sung


What’s your favorite under-the-radar spot for children’s entertainment in NYC?

–Alina Adams