What do pi and pie have in common? Well, they’re both round. One is a Greek letter that represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter and has a day to honor it (March 14 a.k.a. 3.14, Pi Day; get it?). The other is sweet and delicious. Even if your kid isn’t into the mathematical significance of Pi Day, chances are he’ll gladly celebrate the number by eating a slice of pie. So, check out our list of the most unique pies, both sweet and savory, in NYC, which we bet your kids will still eat!

Classic Pie

Momofuku Milk Bar
Various NYC locations
Why it’s Sweet: First of all, let’s be honest. What’s more fun to say for a kid (or an adult, for that matter?) than Momofuku? Rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? When it comes to things rolling onto your tongue, Momofuku (see, it never gets old) serves some amazing pies like Candybar Pie, a mixture of toffee, homemade nougat and a chocolate cookie crust and Grasshopper Pie, a brownie pie layer, marshmallows, green filling and glaze (no grasshoppers!).

Most Crave-able:  Crack Pie (Say what?) Despite what you may think of, it’s a variation on the more classic Chess Pie (chess… math… pi… see how it all fits together?). Developed specifically at Momofuku, it boasts a rolled-oat crust made from corn-meal rather than flour, with creamy vanilla (butter, heavy cream, brown sugar and then more sugar are the main ingredients) filling. Some call it Pecan Pie without the pecans. Everybody calls it deliciously addictive. Hence the crack moniker.

Mexican frozen pie

Ice Cream Pie

The Treats Truck Stop
521 Court Street
Brooklyn, Ny
Why it’s Sweet: You can try the bakery cafe for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or you can sign up for their Twitter feed, Follow@TheTreatsTruck, and know exactly where your delicious eats are at all times.

Most Crave-able:  Mexican-chocolate brownie ice cream pie (shown above), which consists of a crushed cocoa cookie crust, smothered by a layer of chocolate ice-cream, then sprinkled with cinnamon-brownie crumbs and then more vanilla ice-cream on top! If you and your kiddo opt for the bakery over the truck, you can even watch through a window as the dough gets made!


Vegetable Pie

Getting kids to eat their veggies is usually a challenge.  But, what if you try to sneak it to them in pie form?

The Fat Radish
17 Orchard Street
New York, Ny
Most Crave-able:  Celery Root Pie. Is it a salad? Is it a main course? Is it a dessert? Is it vegetarian? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. Made of celery (natch), potatoes, onion, cream, cheese and garlic, the result is filling enough for a meal, sinful enough for a dessert, vegetarian (and Kosher, too), and the one item everyone insists you get if you’re ever in the neighborhood.

114 Fourth Avenue
New York, Ny
Most Crave-able:  Looking for a Spinach Pie so good your little one will ask for seconds? Paradis-To-Go is the place to… well… go. A light and flaky phylo dough crust surrounds greenery seasoned, pureed, spiced and creamed until you can’t even tell it’s good for you!

120 Essex Street (at Delancey)
New York, NY
Most Crave-able:  The specialty of the house is Spanakopita, Greek for Spinach Pie. Here, everything is baked fresh on the premises daily, mixing the organic spinach with sheep’s milk feta cheese (great if you’re lactose intolerant). You don’t need to buy a whole pie, a snack-sized portion is only $4 a slice.


Meat Pie

You don’t have to be Sweeney Todd to understand that getting a child to eat a well-balanced meal might be easiest to achieve in pie form.

The Atlantic Chip Shop
129 Atlantic Ave. (between Clinton & Henry)
Brooklyn, Ny
Most Crave-able:  They have a classic Shepherd’s Pie, complete with beef and veggies under a mashed potato topping available on the Kids’ Menu, for only $5! Plus, there’s a game for little ones to play while they wait which could win the whole family a $50 gift certificate! The Atlantic Chip Shop doesn’t take reservations, but they do deliver, plus it’s stroller accessible.

The Dutch
131 Sullivan Street
New York, Ny
Most Crave-able:  Got yourself an adventurous eater who fancies himself an Elmer Fudd in training? Try the Rabbit Pot Pie here instead. It’s just like the one made with beef, only this one features the cast of “Miffy and Friends.” Some kids might really get a kick out of it. Some might not. You be the judge.

Whew, that’s a lot of pies, and certainly a Pi Day to remember!

–Alina Adams

Images courtesy of Momofuku, The Treats Truck Stop, The Fat Radish & Phil Gradwell via Flickr