Few people, especially kiddies, have ever said no to a waffle. Whether savory or sweet, drenched in syrup or dressed up with chile con carne, few would ever skip this checkered treat. We followed our noses and found the best waffles in town that are delish enough to eat at any time of day. Flip through the following photos to go on a tour of NYC’s best waffles for kids.

Tuck Into Authentic Waffles Without Leaving Town

Brunch starts on Saturdays at 10 AM, Sundays at 11:30 AM at B Café, a tiny bit of Europe right off Second Avenue. And then there are the Belgian Waffles, rated best in New York City and we have to agree. They’re authentically prepared with cherry lambic sauce and Speculoos spread. Upon eating these confections, we heard the words ‘these taste like a cream puff’ so what more could you want in a breakfast/I-could- eat-this-all-day-long waffle!

B Café
240 East 75th St.
Upper East Side

566 Amsterdam Ave.
Upper West Side
Online: bcafe.com

photo: S.I. via Yelp

Where do you head for the city’s best waffles? Tell us in the comments below! 

— Alina Adams & Lambeth Hochwald