Few people, especially kiddies, have ever said no to a waffle. Whether savory or sweet, drenched in syrup or dressed up with chile con carne, few would ever skip this checkered treat. We followed our noses and found the best waffles in town that are delish enough to eat at any time of day. Flip through the following photos to go on a tour of NYC’s best waffles for kids.

One Hit Wonder

While most of the top waffle-serving restaurants in NYC boast several varieties to choose from, Penelope only has one, and that's all this eatery needs. The Punkin' Waffles are undeniably craveable with toasted cinnamon-cardamom pecans and dried cranberries tossed on top, warm baked apples on the side and if that was enough, you'll also get a pot of appled butter. Flavors both adults and kids can agree upon loving.

159 Lexington Ave. Murray Hill

Image courtesy of Pak T. via Yelp

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— Alina Adams & Lambeth Hochwald