Few people, especially kiddies, have ever said no to a waffle. Whether savory or sweet, drenched in syrup or dressed up with chile con carne, few would ever skip this checkered treat. We followed our noses and found the best waffles in town that are delish enough to eat at any time of day. Flip through the following photos to go on a tour of NYC’s best waffles for kids.

Authentic Belgian With Oodles of Toppings

If you’re looking to play it a touch safer, Café Lalo a.k.a. the place from You’ve Got Mail, offers only one type of waffle: Authentic Belgian. But, it's served all day, every day (so there's no danger of arriving with a hungry child only to find you’ve missed your opportunity window), and it comes with a choice of plain yogurt, plain or cinnamon whipped cream, seasonal fruits or strawberries, and pure Vermont maple syrup, not to mention add-ons of pecan, hazelnut or macadamia nuts. A Whole Wheat or Gluten-Free option is available, too (though it does make you wonder how truly Authentic Belgian that is).

Café Lalo
201 W. 83rd St.
Upper West Side

Image Courtesy of Cafe Lalo on Facebook by Claudia Archela Volpi

Where do you head for the city’s best waffles? Tell us in the comments below! 

— Alina Adams & Lambeth Hochwald