Few people, especially kiddies, have ever said no to a waffle. Whether savory or sweet, drenched in syrup or dressed up with chile con carne, few would ever skip this checkered treat. We followed our noses and found the best waffles in town that are delish enough to eat at any time of day. Flip through the following photos to go on a tour of NYC’s best waffles for kids.

Traditional, Delicious & Delivered to You

You’ve got to hand it to the Belgians: They know their waffles. Not only does Petite Abeille boast Half-Price Beer Mondays, All You Can Eat Mussels Wednesdays, and Lobster Thursdays, but also their gourmet waffle selection includes traditional whipped cream, fruit and syrup or chocolate sauce. The best part is, they offer a delivery and pick-up service, so you can enjoy your decadent meal in the comfort of your own home if you live near one of the three locations. And no one has to know just how many you ate, or how much of a mess you, errr, your kids, made.

Petite Abeille
401 East 20th St.

44 West 17th St. Chelsea

134 W. Broadway Tribeca

Image courtesy of David C. via Yelp

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— Alina Adams & Lambeth Hochwald