It’s challenging enough to find kid-friendly restaurants in NYC where the whole family will enjoy themselves. If you’re looking for a kosher spot, it gets even more complicated. We scouted NYC for the best family-friendly kosher restaurants (with kids in tow). From fun and fancy eateries to tasty burgers and beyond, these are kosher spots for families we recommend.

photo: via Izzy’s BBQ Addiction Facebook page

Izzy’s in Brooklyn has excellent food. The Crown Heights spot is very low key in terms of ambiance, but the food is totally worth it. We recommend the ribs and brisket here; the meat is really tender and the smoky flavor is the best we’ve ever tasted at a kosher restaurant. A ovel aspect of the place: Izzy’s is so serious about BBQ that they charge by the weight of your order.  Food is served on trays (there are no plates) and the utensils are plastic. Despite its popularity, we’ve never had a problem getting seat.  (Just in case, they do have overflow space in a storefront two doors down.)

397 Troy Ave.
Crown Heights

photo: via Noi Due Facebook page


Noi Due
Noi due is a higher-end Italian restaurant in Manhattan on the Upper West Side. While it’s not fine dining, Noi due is clearly a step above a typically kosher pizzeria. It’s  a welcoming, family-friendly restaurant with attentive staff.
It can be hard to get a seat at peak times, so we recommend going when it first opens.  The Margarita pizza is tasty and feels very authentic, and we’ve also enjoyed the mozzarella sticks with caprese salad, but it’s hard to make a bad choice here. Note: the entrance is below ground, so it can be a little hard to find.


143 W. 69th St.
Upper West Side

photo: via Mocha Burger Facebook page

Mocha Burger
Mocha Burger—which is not only kosher, but serves grass-fed, hormone, and antibiotic-free meat—has two locations: the original, flagship eatery in the Village and a “express”, a newer, takeout location with a few tables on the Upper East Side. The downtown location is where to go: it has better ambiance, a larger selection of items, and is more comfortable overall. (The Upper East Side spot is more transactional; there are a few tables, though most people seem to do takeout and/or delivery.) The food is tasty and  original— they offer a variety of sauces for dipping steak and fries (e.g. mb sauce, sriracha mayo, etc.). We’ve ordered steak for adults, hot dogs and fries for kids and enjoyed them all, you can also get soups, salads, jumbo nachos with guac and even salmon here. Mocha Burger also serves fun and delicious desserts, like Oreo cake in a glass container.

496 Laguardia Pl.
West Village

1603 2nd Ave.
Upper East Side

photo: via Basil NY Facebook page 


Basil NY
Another Crown Heights pick, Basil is a stylish upscale restaurant/pizzeria just off Eastern Parkway. It features an open kitchen design (fun for diners of all ages to observe) and a commitment to fresh and simple cuisine. When we visited with kids we kept it pretty conventional, ordering pizza and fries, which we enjoyed. However, it’s worth noting that Basil offers many sophisticated and unconventional pizza options (e.g. goat cheese, Nutella, etc.), as well as numerous, more sophisticated options, all beautifully presented. (Fish, salads, pasta, etc.) The restaurant’s gourmet leanings are reflected in its prices (basic pizza is $18), so this place may be more special occasion territory. Note: they don’t take reservations.

270 Kingston Ave.
Crown Heights


photo: Pauline M. via Yelp 

Amsterdam Burger Company
Amsterdam Burger Company serves delicious food of all kinds, with salads, specialty sandwiches, yam fritters and zucchini sticks (pictured above) rounding out the excellent burger options. The meat is from kosher company Grow & Behold,  and it counts among its fans non-kosher diners. We love the breakfast burger, featuring an egg, and inevitable, delicious mess, and the wings are also tasty, but spicy. It can be a challenge to find seating, especially if you have a large party. When you come at a peak time be prepared to wait for a table, get takeout, or have a Plan B dining option in mind.

654 Amsterdam Ave.
Upper West Side

What;s your favorite kid-friendly kosher restaurant in NYC? Share it in the comments!

—Osa Hirsch