It’s totally normal to feel nervous when you’re preggo. Is the baby okay? Is your bump big enough? Is your bump too big? What if something goes wrong? Well, now DNA tests for newborns are getting bigger, better and easier to use. If you just spent nine months wondering about the “what if’s,” a simple saliva swab and Sema4’s new test can answer more than a few questions.

The Sema4 Natalis test looks for 193 genetic diseases in your baby. This isn’t a test to use if you know or think that something is seriously wrong with your little one. This test is a convenient at-home companion to whatever else the doctors have done in the hospital (as far as genetic testing). It’s intended for seemingly healthy babies. If you feel that something isn’t right or you have a health concern about your newborn, consult your medical provider immediately.


So why use this new test? Um, well there’s the curious factor. You don’t want a sudden health surprise a few years down the road. The Sema4 Natalis gives you info that may help you to detect a condition before your child ever shows a single symptom. This gives you the power to help your kiddo early on.

Again, this test doesn’t take the place of a doctor’s diagnosis. But it does give you valuable information about the chances of developing certain conditions, arming you with information to bring to the doc’s attention.

Would you use a DNA screening test for newborns? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

—Erica Loop



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