There’s clearly a special bond between siblings and especially twins. A viral video of newborns holding hands proves that bond begins from the very beginning, and grab the tissues!

Although California mom of twins Celi shared the beautiful video of her newborns over a year ago, it has suddenly gone viral. Once you see the sweet footage of the her babies grasping hands just after birth it’s not hard to see why everyone is loving it.

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(For licensing and usage, contact : 06/01/18 Our babies where born ❤️🌟 Sister reaching over for her sisters hand 💕🌟 • • Friday 6/01/18 12:45PM I was finishing my quick arm workout at the gym 🤔. 2:00PM Doctors appointment to check the babies growth 👩🏻‍⚕️. 4:00PM Per Doctor I am being admitted into the hospital since I am already dilated & my water could break at any second The doctor had felt one of the babies foot during my exam 😂. I wasn’t allowed to go home or to get anything else or eat/drink anything from this point on. 4:30PM I call the hubby letting him know the babies will be arriving tonight 😳. 5:00-8:00pm Time is flying, I am being monitored for contractions, I am calling my parents & asking the nurse 100 questions. 8:00PM I meet the doctors & the team that will be delivering the babies. 9:00pm Babies are here 🌎 • • Everything turned out great, babies came out healthy, as crazy as all of this was I remained calm through the entire process & was never in any severe pain. I believe everything happens for a reason and everything just fell into place. Even though this wasn’t my original birth plan, I am thankful for how things turned out 🙏❤️ #usmcbaby #sandiegotwins #twinbirth #twinbelly #twincsection #twinmomlife #moditwins #twinsholdinghands #moditwinpregnancy #twinbellybump #identicalbabies #identicalsisters

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In the Instagram post Celi recounts the story of her twins’ birth. Moments after the two babies were welcomed in to the world and snuggled onto their mom, one sister reaches over to grasp the hand of the other and even the nurses and doctors can’t help but exclaim over the heart-melting moment.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: FitBreezyLife via Instagram



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