Ah, Halloween: the time for picking pumpkins, picking costumes and picking up candy! Despite their pleas of “trick or treat!” on neighbors’ doors, the kids want all treats and no tricks, which means finding the best houses for trick-or-treating possible. Well, now you can take the guesswork out of locating the candy that your littles crave—and it’s all thanks to Nextdoor’s Treat Map.

If you’re not familiar with Nextdoor, it’s an awesome app that’s a private social network for your neighborhood. It helps users to get the low-down on all kinds of community information, with need-to-know updates about everything from lost pets, recommendations for child care, suspicious activity in the neighborhood and more.

Photo: Courtesy of Nextdoor

With Halloween on the horizon, Nextdoor is bringing back a favorite app feature, its interactive Treat Map. The map helps Nextdoor members find houses that are actually handing out candy, eliminating the need to trudge up a super-tall flight of stairs just to find out that no one is home.

So how does this treat-revealing app work? Just mark your home with a candy corn to say, “Hey, we’re handing out candy here!” and then look for other candy corns to visit. This year the app has a new feature, showing users where to find allergy-free treats. If you’re handing out allergy-free goodies, simply mark your home with a teal pumpkin. You can also look for teal pumpkins in your neighborhood to map out an allergy-free trick-or-treating route. The Treat Map debuts this year on Oct. 1.

If you’ve hit up all your candy houses and want an extra scare, look for haunted house icons on the Treat Map. These indicate the neighborhood homes that are also hosting haunted houses—if you want to cap off the night with just a few tricks for those bags of treats!

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Rawpixel via Pexels 



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