Night time is usually a great time for mom and dad. The house is quiet, the wild ones are in bed and there’s time to catch a breather. For some kids, however, it’s not quite so fabulous. Lucky for parents, there are some super cool night lights out there– it’s just a matter of finding the perfect one for the child in question. Check out some of these awesome sleep aids, you might find yourself wanting one of your own!

Itty Bitty Lights

Portable, tot teeth proof, illuminating and rechargeable, what more could mom and dad ask for in a night light? The KinderGlo night lights are LED driven, so each one is always safe for little hands and fingers. The cuddly, friendly shapes make each one a special friend and BPA-free plastic sets parent’s mind at ease. $23.

Image Courtesy KinderGlo

How do you help light the way to dreamland?

–Gabby Cullen