Nintendo is taking it back to the simpler days when a cardboard box and a little imagination was all you needed for hours of entertainment. Okay, so the new Nintendo Labo is a bit more complex than just a plain box, but the idea—which is sure to get young minds thinking creatively—is about to change the video game experience from sitting on the couch into an afternoon of imaginative, physical play.

Sold as add-ons to the Nintendo Switch gaming handheld/console hybrid, Nintendo Labo consists of DIY cardboard building kits with software. Once built, the kits allow players to turn the Switch into gadgets, from a robot exoskeleton to miniature piano or motorcycle handlebars.

Players can then play with their Switch as if they are the extended cardboard objects. The software that accompanies the kits, Toy Con Garage, also allows users to do some basic programming with the Joy-Con controllers.

The Nintendo Labo has only been out for a few days, but already gamers are getting very creative with programming and building. The possibilities seem boundless, making this one of the most revolutionary new ways for kids—and their video game-loving parents—to play and learn at the same time. This is definitely a big win for STEAM lovers everywhere.

The Nintendo Lab kits range in price around $70 to $80. The company is already developing additional kit options and also offers replacement parts for when playtime gets a little too rough for the cardboard to withstand.

Are your kids excited about Nintendo Labo? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Amazon


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