Nintendo Labo was designed to be used with its cardboard kits, but as any Master Builder with a little imagination can see, it also plays perfectly well with plastic. One designer has combined LEGO with Nintendo Labo for the Switch and the results are pretty epic.

From a more-realistic piano than the cardboard version, to a fishing pole and game that’s better than any arcade, industrial LEGO designer Vimal Patel really knows how to get creative with the Nintendo Labo and LEGO.

Young tinkerers will definitely get inspired to come up their own Nintendo-powered LEGO creations after checking out his amazing designs, which you can also see more of at Patel’s website.

As The Verge points out, despite the fact that Nintendo Labo was designed to function with cardboard, just about any materials can be used as long as you can place the reflective tape on it that’s necessary for the Joy-Con’s IR camera sensors to work. With a little imagination and engineering, just about anything is possible with Nintendo Labo and LEGO.

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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