Parenting isn’t easy, but there are certain things about being an introverted mom that makes life easier. Sure, we’re not the life of the party but give us a book and a sleeping child, and we’ll shine! There are many advantages to being an introvert, especially when it comes to parenting.

Here are 10 things introverted parents do that make life easier:

1. We’re pros at dipping out early at school functions and kids’ birthday parties. We’re usually hidden in the corner anyway.

2. We don’t mess around with quiet time. When we say it’s quiet time, we mean it!

3. Introverts are very observant. We notice petty mom cliques right away, and then steer clear of them!

4. We’re usually quiet, so we can hear when our kids are up to trouble.

5. Yes, we’ll skip the party and watch “Frozen” on the couch on a Friday night with you…again.

6. Calming down our kids is one of our specialties.

7. Chances are slim that we’ll drop the “F” bomb in front of the kids.

8. If we’re in deep thought, we can tune out Elmo’s voice (and any other annoying background noise).

9. The silent treatment will not work on us. Actually, we’ll enjoy it!

10. No words are needed. One look and our kids know we mean business.