Getting through the mountains of laundry that come with having kids is challenging enough—but who really has the time to bust out an ironing board and get the wrinkles out in the morning? One mom’s no-iron dryer hack is pure genius and you’ll actually be excited to do laundry just to try it out.

Genevieve Shaw Brown, lifestyle editor at Good Morning America and mom of three, recently shared her experience with an incredibly easy no-iron dryer hack. So we decided to test it out for ourselves.

As Brown explained, you simply put the wrinkled clothes in the dryer along with three ice cubes and run it for a few minutes on high heat. The ice melts in the drying, creating a steaming effect that helps to release wrinkles.

We put our kids’ school uniforms to the test to find out of this mom hack really works…and we were pretty impressed with the results.

While Brown said she ran her dryer for nine minutes we found that wasn’t quite enough and extended it to 20 minutes. Depending on your own dryer and how hot it runs, you might need to play with the time to find the magic number, but once you do, voila!

The truly tricky wrinkles —we’re talking “left-the-clothes-in-the-dryer-for-a-week-because-there-was-no-time-for-folding wrinkles”—didn’t smooth entirely, but overall the hack did the trick and left our kids’ clothes looking presentable, no iron needed.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

All photos: Shahrzad Warkentin/Featured photo: Matt Henry via Burst



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