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File this under: not even remotely surprising to exhausted mothers everywhere. A new study reveals that when it comes to parenting and sleep, all things are not created equal. Women, it turns out, get less sleep than men when kids are in the mix. Read on to learn more (if you’re not too tired).

If you’re a mom, you probably didn’t need a study to tell you that having a baby means losing sleep. What might be news to you (then again, maybe not) is that your husband is still getting roughly the same amount he always has. For 78 percent of new moms, sleep loss began before the baby was even born in the form of pregnancy insomnia. From having to pee every half hour to finding it impossible to get comfortable with a hiccuping watermelon pressing down on your organs, the idea of getting plenty of rest before the baby comes is laughable.

Once that baby arrives things don’t get much better. Researchers at Georgia Southern University found that for every child in the household, a mother’s chances of getting a full night’s sleep was reduced by nearly 50 percent. For moms of two or more who are too exhausted to do the math, that boils down to almost zero percent chance of getting enough rest.

For men on the other hand, their overall sleep quality remained unaffected by having children in the house. Feel free to pocket that little nugget for the next time your husband complains about how tired he is.

Do you feel like you get less rest than your partner? Share your sleep-deprived thoughts in the comments.