Yes, our kids are obsessed with those colorful bricks too. But, if you want to reach outside of the LEGO box, look no further. We found eight innovative building sets that range from structural wonders to stack ’em up fun. Flip through the album below and get ready to build. 

Count Your Stack

Your tiniest builder will also get a number lesson when she uses these cool counting blocks. Each set comes with the numbers 0-10, one each of +, -, =, and 20 hexagons. The blocks have flat tops and fronts for easy stacking, and kids can use the hexagons to add to the equation or tower. Plus, the open back means each number makes a great playdough mold, too!

Age: 2 & up.

Available at, $19.99.

What is your mini builder’s favorite non-LEGO building set?

All images courtesy retailers.

— Gabby Cullen & Sommy Rhee