Yes, our kids are obsessed with those colorful bricks too. But, if you want to reach outside of the LEGO box, look no further. We found eight innovative building sets that range from structural wonders to stack ’em up fun. Flip through the album below and get ready to build. 

Bigger Is Better

TubeLox® is a life-size building set that gives kids the ability to design and play with their own creations. From forts to rocket ships, this collection of parts will add creativity and imagination to real-life problem solving through active play. The tubes connect with colorful attachment pieces and locking adapter clips, which allows the set to be sturdy and stable enough to play on. And, when it comes to what your kids can build? The sky’s the limit. Get more details here.

Ages: 3 & up.

Available at, $199 for a 220-piece set.

What is your mini builder’s favorite non-LEGO building set?

All images courtesy retailers.

— Gabby Cullen & Sommy Rhee