Yes, our kids are obsessed with those colorful bricks too. But, if you want to reach outside of the LEGO box, look no further. We found eight innovative building sets that range from structural wonders to stack ’em up fun. Flip through the album below and get ready to build. 

Building Bridges

This new set from Engino allows older engineers to build nine different structures that range various types of bridges (beam, arch, suspension) to houses and even a pyramid. Each manual comes with step-by-step illustrated instructions, 12 pages of theory and facts, and other activities. The edutainment factor is pretty awesome, too. Kids construct, and then test their structures in order to find out how the design provides weight support when force is applied. It’s the perfect summer building kit!

Age: 8 & up.

Available at, $25.33.

What is your mini builder’s favorite non-LEGO building set?

All images courtesy retailers.

— Gabby Cullen & Sommy Rhee