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You know that smile that goes hand in hand with smelling a fresh batch of cookies from the oven? It’s science! Sort of. It’s because good smells make you happier, which explains why new babies make us grin from ear to ear. Want to know other fun facts about smell and scent? Read our list below!

1. Smell is the first sense babies use after they are born.

2. Until the age of 4, all smells are never gross, only interesting. Well that explains the fascination with a certain type of gas…

3. Smells can help with memories! For example: Crayons tend to trigger childhood memories. With this fact in mind, you now have the power to provoke your future-teenager’s memory at will.

4. We can detect at least 10,000 distinct smells. But… let’s skip the counting lesson this time around.

5. Each person has their own distinct smell, kind of like a fingerprint. We have an inkling your little one will get the giggles calling it a “smellprint.”

6. Good smells make you happier. That explains why we always smile after a load of clean laundry, doesn’t it?

7. Our ability to smell actually turns off when we are in deep sleep.

8. We can actually smell the best during the spring and summer due to extra moisture in the air.

9.  Anosmia is the inability to smell, which is unfortunate for those who have it because 75-95% of taste relies on smell. Try plugging your nose next time to see how well you can taste your food.

10. It’s not just a turn of phrase: You can smell fear! Do what you wish with this fun fact… like telling your kiddo you can smell when they are lying.

photo: Philippe Put via flickr

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