He knows when you are sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. As for being bad or good, he’s got a bead on that too. But for all of Santa’s big brother-ing, your tiny traveler is worried he won’t know where to deliver the goods Christmas morning, because you’ll be on vacation. Whether you’re heading to grandma’s or kicking it on the beach, Notify Santa reassures kids that Santa knows where to find them. Read on to find out how.

A Simply Adorable Solution
When Notify Santa founder, Dina Brunn’s niece explained she wasn’t able to travel over the holidays, because her kids were worried Santa didn’t know they wouldn’t be home on Christmas morning, it was a light bulb moment. She set to work in search of a simple solution, and Notify Santa was born. Through snail mail exchanges with Santa’s special helper, Mappit, anxious kiddos spell out their Christmas itinerary so old St. Nick can deliver their presents as per usual, without missing a beat. The fact that it’s all wrapped up in a cute little package that adds magic to your Little’s Christmas? Well, that’s just a bonus.

Here’s how it works
Give your kidlet peace of mind by following these four easy steps:

1. Order your kit online at notfiysanta.com. Psst… one kit can be used for up to three kids.

2. Receive your initial package that includes a cute craft, coloring paper, stickers and the ever-important questionnaire, that fills Santa in on your travel deets.

3. Mail your kidlet’s responses back in the return, postage-paid envelope and wait until…

4. A personalized letter from Santa arrives about one week later, confirming all details, so your little elf can focus on the amazing trip ahead!

Special Delivery…Number 1
Each kit order includes two fun-filled deliveries for your cutie. The initial package comes about 3-5 days after you place your order online. It’s where your Little meets Mappit, Santa’s wide-eyed helpful Elf, who acts as the liaison between your crew and the Man in Red. He walks anxious kiddos through the process and delivers an adorable craft, coloring page and holiday stickers, displayed in a special keepsake folder, too. Let your kiddo dive in the moment it arrives, or tuck the craft, coloring page and stickers away so you can save them for the trip. It’s like Mappit knew your tiny traveler might need a fun activity to occupy time on the road or in the air. The questions Santa needs to have answered in order to guarantee delivery are part of this package too. Simply fill it out and have your Little drop it in the mailbox to get word to the Big Guy.

Special Delivery… Number 2
The second delivery arrives about a week after the first. And it’s a labor of love that won’t be lost on your wishful wee one. Starting with the handcrafted lettering on the envelope, and ending with the ornate handwritten letter that’s inside, it puts together the essential details so your tot knows Jolly Old St. Nick got the message. Charming in its simplicity, Notify Santa is an easy way to refocus your sidekick on the fun-filled vacay that’s on your holiday calendar!

Get it online: notifysanta.com

Cost: $21.99/kit; free to active military families


Will you be traveling for the holidays this winter? Do you think you’ll give Notify Santa a try? Tell us how it goes in a comment.


–Allison Sutcliffe, all images courtesy the writer