Looking for a perfect meal, packed with protein, healthy fats and overall goodness for you and your growing baby – meet the nourish bowl! More satisfying than a smoothie, less ho-hum than a salad, these nutrient dense meals give you everything you need (including that extra boost of energy you might be missing) in one simple bowl. Whether you’re craving sweet or savory, we’ve rounded up 8 seriously delicious nourish bowls that’ll make you forget about all those other cravings, at least for now.

The Roasted-Nourish Bowl

Craving something cooked rather than raw, try this roasted nourish bowl from The Veg Life. It’s got everything from acorn squash to beets and Brussel sprouts. Roast and then rejoice in knowing that you’re treating your body and your baby to a very healthy meal. Pop over to The Veg Life for the flavorful details.

Photo Credit: The Veg Life

What’s your favorite nutritious recipe to make and eat during pregnancy? Share your recipes in a Comment.

—Aimee Della Bitta