If it seems like we’re all living our lives online, you aren’t wrong. Those perfect pics of your old college roommate and her equally perfect kids crafting it up in an extraordinarily Pinteresting way, posing with dad in an over-the-top fabulous family set-up or just hanging at home (oh, but of course mom is dressed like she just stepped out of a fashion blog and the kids are all smiles). Well, your friends aren’t the only ones who are whooping it up over on IG. Nope. Barbie is getting in on the action too!

While your friends are #momlife-ing their days away, Mattel’s iconic doll is also dominating on Instagram. Yep, Barbie is now Insta-famous. But in a totally, “I’m a mom just like you are” way. Umm, not really.

If you have a few moments to get in a good laugh, check out @tiff_thebarbie. The IG account is magically hilarious, complete with totally typical social media #momlife posts.

So what’s Tiff (the Barbie) up to? Oh you know, she’s just being a mom. She’s hanging with the kids at their lemonade stand — #lemonade, #summer. And, of course, she’s getting artsy with finger paints too — #momlife, #crafts! Of course, let’s not forget the obligatory #40k celebration. That one comes complete with a cake and carefully manicured (and mulched) white picket fence-enclosed yard in the background.

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