If Spring Break is on your mind, get ready to score cheap airfare to Europe. According to Hopper, travelers can expect to pay 15 percent less for flights this spring. And we can’t wait to take off!

Not only are flights cheaper this spring (versus summer fares), but it looks like prices will hit a three-year low. Hopper’s stats show that the average spring round-trip fare is currently $637, which is down 15 percent from what travelers saw last year at the same time.

photo: Atikh Bana via Unsplash

So how much can you expect to save on a 2019 European Spring Break flight? The answer depends on several factors, including where your travels will take you. A round-trip flight from the United States to London has an average spring price of $960. That’s a 17 percent savings from what you can expect to see in the summer.

Do have plans to see Paris in the spring? You might find up to 20 percent savings, in comparison to the cost for a summer-time round-trip flight. Other major European cities that have cheaper spring-versus-summer flight prices include Rome and Madrid, where you could save 18 percent now compared to summer prices. Flying to Amsterdam now will save you as much as 21 percent while Prague is a whopping 26 percent cheaper right now!

—Erica Loop



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