In a time when it seems like everything is going the way of the big bad, it’s kind of heartwarming when a “mistake” actually makes us feel warm fuzzies. Anyone who follows NPR on Facebook got a total chuckle-worthy look into a completely accidental post. What happened? Well, take a look at the now internet famous Ramona post and how it happened.

The other evening NPR’s swing editor Christopher Dean Hopkins did something that we all kind of dread the thought of — he posted to the wrong Facebook page. Anyone who has ever had two social media accounts, one personal and one for work, knows that feeling. The feeling when you think you maybe, possibly just posted, tweeted or added a pic to the completely wrong account.

Luckily for Hopkins, his post was more of an adorable accident than anything else. His FB post (which has since been edited) read, “Ramona is given new toy: Smiles, examines for 20 seconds, discards. Ramona gets a hug: Acquiesces momentarily, squirms to be put down. Ramona sees three cats 30 feet away: Immediately possessed by shrieking, spasmodic joy that continues after cats flee for their lives.”

It didn’t take long for NPR to notice the mistaken post. Before many viewers got to read the original, it was replaced by, “EDIT: This post was intended for a personal account. We apologize for the error.” But for 12 whole minutes, anyone visiting the page was treated to pure adorableness.

The Ramona mis-post was so popular (and so loved) that it seems like the social media-sphere is calling for a return. Hashtags such as #ramonaupdates and #bringramonaback are now making the rounds.

Oh, and if you (like many others) are thinking that Ramona is a cat — she’s not. Nope. She does have a cat. But, Ramona is a baby.

Have you ever accidentally posted something on the wrong social media page? Share your story in the comments below.