New motherhood means you rarely stand still: trotting after your crawler, skirting to the bathroom when babe is on his activity mat, or even fitting in a baby and me yoga class—and that’s just before 10 a.m. All this jetting to and fro means your wardrobe should fit your active, new mom lifestyle. Sweat and Milk, founded by mom Lucy Chalmeton, has you covered. For those who choose to nurse, Sweat and Milk’s sports bras are a must have, whether you’re working to get back in shape or simply, need a bit more support than a regular nursing bra. Read on for the scoop on these covet-worthy styles.

As Sweat and Milk proclaims, motherhood doesn’t have to be boring. And, this holds true for their hybrid bras which are part nursing bra, part sports bra and anything but boring. Their styles are functional, stylish and Lululemon-esque—expect cool criss-cross back straps and fun colors, including their new Oceane yoga nursing sports bra in pink.

Each sports bra is made with the nursing mom in mind. You’ll find dual fold-down cups with removable foam inserts for easy nursing access and support, and a uber comfortable wireless design to help new moms decrease their risk for mastitis. The fabric is stretchy, but supportive and is created to support moms as their bodies change throughout their nursing journey and beyond.

Created by LA mama and yogi, Lucy Chalmeton, Sweat and Milk’s line consists of two styles: Chloe (named after Lucy’s daughter) for higher impact sports like running and Oceane, which is great for yoga, pilates and walking. We tested both and while the bras are certainly meant for movement, they’re actually comfortable enough to wear around the house on a daily basis.

The high quality and functionality of Sweat and Milk’s bras combined with each bra’s acute style will give even the most tired new mom a boost of style confidence, even if her workout routine now mainly consists of shuttling babe to and from the diaper changing station. Because we’ve all been there, right?

Get yours at Prices start at $59.

Bonus: And, for every purchase you make, Sweat and Milk will give one dollar to the Postpartum Support International (PSI).

—Erin Lem

Photos courtesy of Sweat and Milk



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