Troop 6000 isn’t your typical Girl Scout troop: the girls are amazing, courageous and totally awesome—they just happen to all live in shelters. But that isn’t stopping them from conquering the world. Case in point: this homeless Girl Scout troop’s first cookie sale was a major success. Seriously.

The troop was formed in 2017 and regularly holds its meetings in homeless shelters. Even though these girls aren’t in ideal housing arrangements, they’re certainly making the best of the opportunities they do have. When they were permitted to set up the annual cookie sale inside of the Kellogg’s store in NYC’s Union Square, word got out. Maybe that’s an understatement. News of the Girl Scout Troop 6000 and their New York City cookie sale took the internet by storm—and it had an incredible effect.

When Troop 6000 set out to sell those yummy, delicious cookies, they had a sizable goal: 6,000 cookies for Troop 6000. Yeah, that’s a lot of cookies. And some people may have thought that there was no way a group of girls could unload several thousand cookies. But what actually happened was so much more than anyone could have expected.

By the time the troop’s cookie event ended, on Apr. 14, they hadn’t sold 6,000 boxes. Instead, they had sold a whopping 30,000 boxes, five times their original goal!

What do you think about these special girls and their troop’s success? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Shelia Herman via Flickr 


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