New York City has enough hot spots to keep you busy for weeks—now there’s one more destination to add to the list for your family trip. The LEGO Group has launched a ‘retailtainment’ NYC store and at 7,175 square feet and two stories, you might want to make an afternoon of it!

The whole family will love the immersive world inside the new store, which blends digital and physical experiences. Head to the Brick Lab where you can build with physical sets and enter a virtual world that brings the walls, floors and ceilings to life with light, sound and music. Scan your build and watch it come to life!

Make sure to stop by the Tree of Discovery for a fantastic photo opp. It’s made of over 880,000 LEGO bricks and took 1,900 hours to construct. The builders want it to symbolize LEGO Group’s commitment to positively impacting the planet. Look closely at the rainbow trunk for hidden details like mini scenes, kaleidoscopes and picture viewers!

Ready for more? Visit the Personalization Studio for fun, unique builds, the Mosaic Maker to create your own personalized mosaic LEGO portrait, or the LEGO Minifigure Factory to create an awesome souvenir for you or a family member. You’ll also find larger-than-life 3D LEGO models throughout the store, including Thor, Spiderman, the Statue of Liberty and Ghostbusters characters.

The new store officially opened on Friday, June 25 at 636 Fifth Avenue in New York City. You can book your in-store experiences now to make your trip extra memorable. And if you can’t make it to the Big Apple, the LEGO Group plans to introduce the immersive concept at more than 100 stores around the world during the next year.

––Sarah Shebek

Featured image courtesy of the LEGO Group



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