This school year brings with it a lot of uncertainties. Parents will be juggling trying to manage remote or hubris learning while working from home as well. Frozen pizza is a convenient go-to for a kid-friendly easy lunch, quick dinner or afternoon snack. 

Freezer staples can make preparing a meal easier than ever when the pantry and fridge are looking bare, or you simply need a meal ready in minutes. Oath Pizza Meal Kits offer families the opportunity to to always have delicious, better-for-you pizza on hand.

Oath Pizza

Every Oath Pizza offers the option of a thin crust grilled and seared in avocado oil (vegan), gluten-free crust, or cauliflower crust; fresh, thoughtfully sourced vegetables and fruits; humanely raised proteins without any antibiotics, hormones or growth promotants and dairy free varieties. 

Meal Kit varieties include:

  • Classic Cheese Pizza Meal Kit: Two- or four-pack of classic cheese pizzas (VG), with all three crust options, an optional swap for vegan cheese, and chocolate chunk cookies. This kit retails from $44.00.
  • Bestseller Pizza Meal Kit: Two-pack of fan favorites – one Bella (VG) and one Spicy Mother Clucker, or a four-pack including those two pizzas plus a classic cheese (VG) and a classic pepperoni, all with chocolate chunk cookies. This kit retails from $54.00.
  • Custom Pizza Meal Kit: A two-, four-, or six-pack pizza kit with 10 pizza varieties to choose from, as well as each individual pie’s crust. For dessert, choose the classic chocolate chunk cookies, Honduran Chocolate Brownies (GF) or Chewy Marshmallow Bars (GF). This kit retails from $74.00.

Meal Kits ship nationwide, delivered right to your front door, and are ready in less than 15 minutes.

—Jennifer Swartvagher

All photos courtesy of Oath Pizza


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