What? Are upside-down Christmas trees a real thing? Umm, yes. Yes, they are. Once upon a time the tinseled-out faux tree with a totally novel thing. But now, it seems that holiday decor is going a step beyond a pink plastic tree or a glittering silver one. This year the spotlight is on the upside-down tree. And the internet is all about it.

The upside-down Christmas tree is kind of all over the place. These gravity-defying physics experiment-looking holiday decorations are springing up in hotels, stores and homes across the country and around the world.

Oh, and this isn’t just some weirdo IG hashtag thing. Nope. London’s Claridge’s Hotel hung a fabulously fashionable Karl Lagerfeld designed tree — upside-down, of course. And then, there’s the tree in San Diego’s Hotel del Coronado. But these weren’t exactly the first odd-hanging trees. Last year San Francisco’s Westfield Shopping Center hung a 50-foot-tall upside-down tree.

photo: Target.com

If you’re into this trend and want to try it for yourself, major retailers such as Target, Home Depot and Walmart are all selling upside-down Christmas trees. That means you can buy one of these pricey trees (at least, in comparison to the real deal upright version), take it home and fit all the presents under the skinny part. Well, it does have more space underneath it. Right?

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