Even celebs have to deal with tantrum-prone kiddos. When actress Olivia Wilde’s five-year-old son Otis had a very public breakdown, the mama got some unexpected help—from two strangers!

Wilde recently took to Twitter chronicling the story of the incident, “Couple days ago my kid was having a level 10, defcon 1, couldn’t-control-his-body meltdown at a restaurant. It happens. Poor guy was hungry as hell and overwhelmed. I was holding four bags and my 2 yr old. It was chaos.”

We’ve all been there. And just because Wilde has the whole celebrity thing going for her doesn’t mean she’s immune from the terrors of a public tantrum. Luckily, the mama managed to stay calm until help arrived, “The place was packed and we were very much on display. I was in way over my head. I stayed calm but I was kind of crumbling inside. In the midst of the madness, 2 strangers, a young man and woman, approached and asked if they could help.”

The couple helped Wilde to walk to her car and helped strap her two-year-old daughter into the car seat. As Wilde continued to soothe her son she thanked the pair of kind strangers, adding, on Twitter, “They said, “hey no problem. We all have days like this.” Yes we do!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Olivia Wilde via Instagram



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