This time of year it’s usually about the kids and what they want to ask for from Santa—but the On My Grownup Christmas List Twitter hashtag has turned the tables. Parents have taken to Twitter to share their own holiday wishlist items—and while they may not have much to do with toys, we are nodding along with with each and every wish and going, “Same.”

Keep reading to see some hilarious tweets about what these parents want for Christmas this year!

1. Some things you just can’t quit.

2. Yes, please!

3. Is that so much to ask for?

4. Said every parent everywhere.

5. See ya!

6. There’s no shame in the Instant Pot game.

7. It’s the simple things.

8. Don’t forget the socks!

9. LOVE.

10. Because memories.

11. Best.Gift.EVER.

12. Nighty Night.

13. Because being old stinks.

14. Fingers crossed!

15. You’ll shoot your eye out!


––Karly Wood

Featured photo: Nicole de Kohrs via Burst



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