An airplane converted into a kindergarten classroom? Crazy or genius? We’re going with downright genius. If our kids’ kindergarten class was held in an awesome old airplane, we guess that those tears and tantrums during morning drop-off would totally subside. In fact, they’d probably jump out of our cars every morning without even a second glance back.

Located in Georgia (the country, not the state), this converted old airplane is the brainchild of headmaster, Gari Chapidze who wanted to create a learning environment where kids could learn and have fun, according to Ecochunk. Well, Chapidze succeeded and the end result is a really sweet airplane classroom (for those wondering, the classroom is stationary), which was once a functioning Yakovlev Yak-42 that the school acquired from Georgian Airways.. The interior features educational equipment, games, toys, and little kid-sized desks. The best part? While the main cabin is set up for learning, the cockpit has remained untouched and boasts over 1,500 buttons so they can mimic take-off, landings, and everything in-between.

Kudos to this headmaster who thought outside the box to create an unconventional learning environment. Does anyone have his number? Red Tricycle could use a new inspiring work space like this one.

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Spotted at: Ecochunk via Curbed