Every kid has that one thing in their life, the one item that brings them complete joy. They can be throwing a full blown mach 5 tantrum on the kitchen floor one minute, then completely content and mild mannered the next, all thanks to that one beloved thing. For some it’s teddy bear, for others a blanket.  But whatever your little one’s beloved item is, it’s about to get a whole lot better.

DreamMeUp is the brainchild from three different super creative people on either sides of the Atlantic ocean. What do they do? Well, you take a few pictures of the beloved, (item, not the kid) and send the photos into DreamMeUp with a selected story, and they create a picture book featuring the beloved as the star using your pictures.  How cool is that?

DreamMeUp books are priced at $34.95 and are well worth it, giving “binky” or “fluffy” top billing in the title, and at least ten appearances in the book itself. It’s as memorable for the little one as it is for the parents when they see the overwhelming joy this book brings. Imagine how excited your kiddo will be when they see “teddy” on the cover, saving the world, bringing the circus to town or whatever you choose at DreamMeUp.com.