Child’s Own Studio was made with one mission: to create toys based on your kid’s imagination. All you have to do: have your child draw their own creation, send in the drawing, and (ta da!) your kid has a toy that is not only completely unique, but made from the depths of his or her own imagination. Your kids will feel like a real superstar when they see their art turn into something tangible and amazing.

The people at Child’s Own Studio use fabrics and colors as close to the original drawing as possible, and with amazing results. Check out some of these drawing to toy adaptations – the resemblance is truly uncanny.

While hanging those adorable and goofy drawings on the refrigerator is a great tradition, now these images can truly come to life for your kid, giving them a sense of great accomplishment and pride. It’s no Barbie or Mickey Mouse, it’s better – it’s their very own.

Cost is between $60 – $130 and the toys are usually 12 – 14 inches long.


— Jessica Abelson