Okay, so your little ones love to rock, rock, rock but you’ve got enough plastic ride-on toys littering your living room and all over your house for that matter to last a lifetime. Instead of snatching up yet another toy from the store, consider supporting the handiwork of designer, wood worker, craftsman and new papa: Max Tyrie. Max has used his skills to create an adorable rocking sheep in his own home workshop on the West Side of Los Angeles (which is super impressive given that most of our kids toys come from a foreign factory!). With his 18-month old daughter, Rosie, as his official tester Max has come up with this unique little rocking sheep that is truly a kid-friendly usable art form.

Made of Baltic birch plywood, reclaimed wood scraps and real sheepskin, this rocker will be stunning in your little ones room or even the living room (finally, a baby product that you’ll be happy to look at!) and your baby will cherish it equally. In addition, each little rocking sheep is made to order. No, this is not a restaurant. This is an actual independent designer making a toy – just like the good ol’ days before plastic took over the lives of mommies and daddies everywhere. So, what do you say, does this little sheep have a place in your home? Baaa.

Max’s sweet rocking sheep are available via Etsy.