While we love the idea of unleashing the kiddos’ creative juices on a larger palette, chalkboard paint is sooo 2009. Black or green walls? Bleh! This Spring we’re itching for bright whites and clean lines, which is why we were thrilled to find IdeaPaint Dry Erase Paint.

We knew the concept was fresh upon a recent visit to a Silicon Valley start-up that wasted no time in coating every wall in the 40,000 sq ft space with the IdeaPaint (even bathrooms) in an effort to capture the next big idea.

An easy addition to a kids room, play room or office, IdeaPaint lets your bright ideas shine through on walls, tables, floors -pretty much anything you can think of.

The water-born paint is GREENGUARD certified and meets the most rigorous chemical emission standards in the world, while classifying IdeaPaint’s dry-erase paints as low-emission products to contribute to the creation of healthier interiors.

IdeaPaint, White
$29.99 for a 6′ kit
Available in multiple colors for larger projects